Dr. Lakshmi VADDADI

Senior scientist

Lakshmi Prasanna completed her Ph.D. from VIT University, Vellore. Her graduate research is “Nanocrystalline ZnO, ZnO2 and its Polymer Composites: Synthesis, Characterization and Environmental Remediation”. She joined as TAU postdoctoral fellow in 2018 in the Water research center. In 2021 she joined as a senior scientist, head of the technological unit in Water research center.

Her research interests include:

  • Fabrication of photochemical filters based on nanomaterials for disinfection and degradation of micropollutants in water.
  • Understanding degradation pathways of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) by Advance Oxidation Process (AOPs) and in natural environments.
  • Nano-fabrication of carbon-based aerogel for degradation of POPs and disinfection.
  • Antimicrobial high-touch surfaces using photocatalytic transparent films (metal oxide/metal peroxide)
  • Developing AOPs for degradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater.
  • Translating developed AOPs from lab scale to pilot scale.

List of publications (Year ins ascending order)

  1. Lakshmi Prasanna.V and R.Vijayaraghavan (2015). Insight into the Mechanism of Antibacterial Activity of ZnO: Surface Defects Mediated Reactive Oxygen Species Even in the Dark, Langmuir, Vol, 31, No, 33, pp 9155–9162. (Impact Factor: 3.70)
  2. Lakshmi Prasanna.V and R.Vijayaraghavan (2016). A New Synergetic Nanocomposite for Dye Degradation in Dark and Light, Scientific Reports, Vol. 6, 38606. (Impact Factor: 4.12)
  3. Lakshmi Prasanna.V and R.Vijayaraghavan (2016). Chemical Manipulation of Oxygen Vacancy and Antibacterial Activity in ZnO, Materials Science and Engineering: C 2017, 77, 1027. (Impact Factor: 5.88)
  4. Lakshmi Prasanna.V and R.Vijayaraghavan (2017). Simultaneous Bridging Fenton –
    Photocatalytic reactions through a New Single Catalyst (ZnO2 /Fe2+) for dye degradation,
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C,  121 (34), pp 18557–18563 (Impact Factor:4.27)
  5. V. Lakshmi Prasanna, Hadas Mamane, Vinod Kumar Vadivel, Dror Avisar (2020). Ethanol-activated granular aerogel as an efficient adsorbent for persistent organic pollutants from real leachate and hospital wastewater, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol, 384, 121396. (Impact Factor:9.308)
  6. V. Lakshmi Prasanna, Hadas Mamane, Vinod Kumar Vadivel, Dror Avisar (2020). LP-UV-Nano MgO2 Pretreated Catalysis Followed by Small Bioreactor Platform Capsules Treatment for Superior Kinetic Degradation Performance of 17α-Ethynylestradiol (2020). Materials, Vol 13(1), 83. (Impact Factor: 3.057)
  7. Vinod Kumar Vadivel, Dror Avisar, V. Lakshmi Prasanna, Hadas Mamane, (2020) Rapid visible-light degradation of EE2 and its estrogenicity in hospital wastewater by crystalline promoted g-C3N4, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 398, 122880. (Impact Factor:9.308)
  8. Solid-phase extraction based on trimethylsilyloxy silica aerogel.VL Prasanna, I Gozlan, A Kaplan, D Zachor-Movshovitz, D Avisar, RSC Advances 11 (30), 18617-18622 (Impact factor: 3.07)



*     "Metal peroxides-removal of dyes from effluents in absence and presence of light employing a novel nanocomposite" number- 348260, a patent granted

*     "Peroxide modified alkaline earth metal hydroxides for heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of POPs" Patent submission under process

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