About Us

The Water Research Center (WRC) was established at Tel Aviv University in May 2015. The Center is led by Prof. Dror Avisar.


The Water Research Center at Tel Aviv University (WRC-TAU) was established as an effective means of understanding the chemical-physical and biological fate and transport of various persistent contaminants and to develop and implement pioneering water and wastewater treatment technologies that will secure high-quality water supply, both for drinking and for agricultural purposes.


Our research studies integrate procedures and methods of organic and analytical chemistry with engineering concepts and mathematical and statistical analysis into practical engineering outcomes to produce safe drinking waters and safe effluents. We believe that fundamental research is an exploration of the unknown. Fusing our background knowledge with our creative imagination to come up with ideas and then implementing them captivates us. We believe that advances in the field of water research and technologies are particularly critical in the Mediterranean basin. The necessity of collaboration among various disciplines is an especially important approach for successful water research. 


Our mission is a necessity and is crucial for promoting and implementing our future vision of building a cross-faculty water research center at TAU, with emphasis on outstanding research and the development of innovative technologies for improving water quality, enhancing course studies in water chemistry and technology, and provide a platform for excellent graduate students, which are interested in water studies and are a necessity for the Israeli economy. There is a great interest in the field of water chemistry and water engineering for young graduate students. The list of students that are interested in obtaining expertise in our field of research is long and we have to decline most of them. We have the capabilities to bring new scientific expertise, complement existing strengths, complement other faculty in our department, provide research interest in an advancing and required field, and provide teaching interest that fits well the existing curricula. 


Our Agenda

  • To provide the state-of-the-art resources required to accelerate the pace of research and discovery in the fields of water and wastewater, with a view to developing pioneering water treatment technologies to ensure a high-quality global water supply for drinking and agricultural purposes.
  • To reinforce the standing of the Center as a world powerhouse in the field of  water and wastewater
  • To bolster the University’s capacity to train a new generation of water specialists who will lead and shape the field in the years to come.
  • To ensure research is guided by market needs by expanding international cooperative ties with water authorities and leading universities around the world.
  • To ensure research has a real-world impact by sharing unique TAU insights with the global water R&D community through annual conferences and workshops.
  • To support studies and applications in developing countries

We are growing the state-of-the art research laboratories, bringing emerging specialists into the fold, and exploring how to better activate real-world solutions.

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