Metal Peroxides Coated Small Platform Bioreactors (SPB) capsules for degradation of Ethinylestradiol (EE2)

Estrogens are one of the major emerging environmental contaminants. They are Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDC) resulting in developmental and reproductive disorders.  EDC can also enhance incidence of testicular, ovarian and breast cancer and also can cause fish feminization.  Estrone (E1) and 17_-estradiol (E2) are found in many wastewater treatment effluents in many countries around the world such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada etc. Studies suggested that synthetic hormones show more potency than natural hormones.

Bioaugmentation is one of the best economical technique used in degrading contaminants. To protect microorganisms from physical and chemical composite environment, we adapt Small Platform Bioraector (SPB) in which microbes are encapsulated in capsules. Howerer EE2 owing to its aromatic structure is not biodegradable. So, in this present project, SPB capsules are coated with metal oxides and their peroxides which can produce ROS under irradiation through which the aromatic ring will be broken making the component biodegradable.



  • Combining microbial / photochemical AOP for degradation of contaminants.
  • Monitoring the degradation of EE2 hormone by MO2 (M= Alkali, alkaline and transition metals) coated SPB capsules under UV and visible irradiation.
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