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We are very excited to launch the the WRC-TAU newsletter. A “Qwaterly” will be issued every 3 months and will briefly summarize recent news, events and publications, as well as popular science articles from our ongoing research.


Enjoy your reading!


11th Issue - November 2020 - Assessing pharmaceutical contamination along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts of Israel: ascidians (Chordata, Ascidiacea) as bioindicators; Focus on mercury decontamination by multifunctional nanomaterials, New publications; Educational project in the community; interview and webinar links; Mirilashvili institute fellowship.


10th issue - Aug 2020 - Iohexol removal and degradation-product formation via biodegradation by the microalga Chlorella vulgaris, New instruments in the hydrochemistry laboratory, New publications, Educational project in the community, Webinar and interview links, Mirilashvili Institute fellowship.


9th issue - May 2020 special issue - Can the coronavirus COVID-19 spread via wastewater?


8th issue – Feb 2020 - Ethanol-activated granular aerogel as efficient adsorbent for persistent organic pollutants from real leachate and hospital wastewater, Educational project in the community, Focus on the efficiency of the biological treatment, New publications, Mirilishvili institute fellowship.


7th issue - Nov 2019 – Agriculture irrigation with effluent, Focus on treatment of wastewater reverse, New publications, Mirilishvili institute fellowship.



6th issue - Aug 2019 - A young researcher, collaboration with marine biologists, microalgal, New publications, Mirilishvili institute fellowship.


5th issue - May 2019 - Miami competition, Stockholm junior water prize, Analyticon 2019, Silica aerogels, New publications, Graduates, Mirilishvili institute fellowship.


4th issue - Feb 2019 - Delegation to Tanzania, conferences and workshops, collaboration around the world, HWW campaign, Mirilishvili institute fellowship.


3rd issue - Nov 2018 - Collaborations with India, conferences and workshops, intiating research on microplastics in drinking water, Mirilashvili Institute fellowship.


2nd issue - Aug 2018 - Hospital wastewater treatment research pilot project, Recent and upcoming conferences and seminars, Academic collaborations, Mirilashvili Institute fellowship.


1st issue – May 2018 – Introduction, Olive mill contamination treatment, Community project, Conferences, Publications, Mirilashvili Institute fellowship.



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